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Well, first let me tell you what it is not! It’s not all chanting, swaying and incense. Neither is it being made to go in to a trance and cluck like a chicken! 
Hypnobirthing is a birth preparation technique based on scientific evidence using guided hypnosis to prepare for a positive birth. My classes are a combination of antenatal education and hypnobirthing techniques. I cover the physiology of birth, how your mind affects your body and the progression of labour, balanced information on your choices, advice on the best ways to optimise your chances of a natural birth, the importance of researching and planning (and how to write a birth plan), combined with the repetitive reinforcement of positive affirmations and imagery of birth, relaxation techniques, breathing and fear release exercises.
The aim is to plan for your best birth, not your perfect birth, and to ensure you feel positive about the experience no matter how birth happens! 




The complete hypnobirthing course consists of 8 hours of antenatal and hypnobirthing education, usually taught over 4 x 2 hour sessions. It covers the mind body connection - how your brain affects labour and how to hack your hormones for birth, the basic physiology of birth - what happens to your body and your baby during each stage of labour, how to release any fears that may be associated with childbirth, relaxation and breathing techniques, how to prepare a birth plan, the pros and cons of interventions, drugs and procedures during labour, pain relief options and birth place choices, birth positions and more.


The 3 hour essentials workshop is a “lite” version of the full 8 hour programme, teaching the essentials. This is perfect for those couples who are short on time or budget, or perhaps due soon and have decided to take a class nearer the end of pregnancy. It can be delivered in one 3 hour session, or over 2 shorter sessions of 1.5 hours.


This workshop aims to support a pregnant person and their birth partner in planning for a positive caesarean birth. Whether you have already attended a Hypnobirthing course and were planning to birth vaginally but your circumstances have now changed, or you are electing to have a caesarean birth for personal choice or a medical reason, this workshop is for you. The workshop is aimed at anyone having an Elective Caesarean Birth.  

It may feel like you no longer have any options for their birth if you are planning an elective caesarean birth. This just isn’t the case. There are still many things for you to consider and many steps you can take to prepare for a positive caesarean birth experience.
During this workshop we will look at exactly what you can expect during the caesarean birth, how to prepare and how to support recovery afterwards.


These classes cover the same content over the same number of hours as the private 121 4 week complete hypnobirthing course, but in a group with other couples. This means you get the same fantastic information, but at a slightly reduced price thanks to a group discount. This course is £295 per couple. Group courses are held over 4 Saturday's every month.



Bromley, UK


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Private 121 hypnobirthing classes covering Bromley, Chislehurst, Beckenham, Sidcup, Orpington, West Wickham, Petts Wood, Hayes, Sevenoaks, South East London and Kent.

Course content from The Little Birth Company.



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