Hypnobirthing is a birth preparation technique using guided hypnosis to prepare for a positive birth. Classes are a combination of antenatal education covering the physiology of birth, how your mind affects your body and the progression of labour, the promotion of birthing hormones, balanced information on your choices, advice on the best ways to optimise your chances of a natural birth (including environmental effects, gentle nudges to help induce labour and birthing positions), the importance of researching and planning (and how to write a birth plan), combined with the repetitive reinforcement of positive affirmations and imagery of birth to overwrite a lifetime of negative associations with labour, relaxation techniques, breathing and fear release exercises. The aim is to plan for your best birth, not your perfect birth, and to ensure you feel positive about the experience no matter how birth happens! My classes cover a ton of vital information to ensure that no matter what path your birth takes, you avoid the feeling of being disempowered and associated birth trauma, and instead feel a sense of achievement and positivity!


Yes! It is so important that whoever is going to be supporting you throughout labour comes to the sessions. Birth partners can sometimes feel a bit of a spare part during labour, but actually they have a crucial role to play in birth. Of course, if you’re unprepared and don’t know what that role involves, you’re not going to be providing the emotional and physical support you could to the birthing person. Preparation and education isn’t just for the birthing person. Antenatal and Hypnobirthing courses aren’t just for the person giving birth. They prepare birth partners to take on a key role, as advocate, cheer leader, supporter and more. A birth partner who doesn’t understand the progression of labour, what happens when and why, can’t properly comfort and support the birthing person. Equally, if they don’t understand the birth plan and the birthing person’s preferences, they can’t speak on their behalf. Birth partners are so much more than just a hand to hold, and birth is as much a journey for them as it is the person giving birth. I always encourage birth partners to join the hypnobirthing classes. Partners leave feeling confident, prepared and excited for the birth.


Absolutely! Hypnobirthing is not just about a drug free vaginal birth. The techniques taught in my classes can really come in to their own when you're placed in a more medical setting or situation that may induce anxiety and stress. Many women also do not realise that even with a c-section, you have options and preferences you can request to help you feel involved, empowered and positive. The antenatal information in my classes will help you whatever path your birth takes.


As soon as possible. You have a lifetime of negative imagery and associations with birth stored in your subconscious, and the sooner you start work on building more positive associations with birth, the better. Many women will say they've been told by others that hypnobirthing didn't work for them, but in reality it's usually more likely that they didn't practice the techniques frequently enough, or for long enough. The relaxation and breathing techniques need to be instinctive to really provide the most benefit, and that only comes with practice. You wouldn't expect to jump in to a car and pass your driving test without practicing. Hypnobirthing is no different.



Why hypnobirthing?

Hi I'm Erin and I’m a mum of 3 to two wonderful little girls and a gorgeous baby boy. I live in Bromley on the borders of Greater London and Kent.

After having 3 very different births, my interest and passion in childbirth and birth preparation increased with each child, until I decided to take the leap and train to become a hypnobirthing instructor with The Little Birth Company and share my passion for empowering women to have an informed and memorable birthing experience. Having given birth 3 times I have a fair bit of first hand experience! I’ve had births on wards, on midwife led units and at home, in water and without, epidurals and drug free births, been induced, had PROM, spontaneous births. I’ve formula fed, bottle fed, expressed fed and breast fed. I’ve experienced PND, and come through the other side. And all my experiences have led me on a journey to become a hypnobirthing instructor. I hope to help other women give birth positively, feeling safe, listened to, informed and empowered! 

I currently offer hypnobirthing courses by The Little Birth Company, which I teach from my home in Bromley, or from the comfort of yours if you're in and around Bromley, Petts Wood, Chislehurst, Beckenham, Orpington, West Wickham, Swanley, Sidcup, Lewisham and surrounding areas, as well as online via Skype or Zoom. Take a look at the classes page for full information on course content and prices. I am PASSIONATE about helping women have a positive birth, and hope to help you bring your baby earth side with joy.



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