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The best class you could ever ever spend your money on!! It has turned me from a nervous reck to such a calm relaxed and positive attitude towards a c-section considering I’m also having twins! 
Erin you are amazing!!!!!!


Positive birth stories


The birth of Ziggy


The birth of Elodie

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C & N's birth story

Georgia and Tom completed the 8 hour hypnobirthing course with me in April and decided to do 1 hour a week, so we formed a lovely friendship over the course of 8 weeks! Georgia gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy and kindly agreed to share her birth story.

Kathryn and her husband Dom did the full 8 hour hypnobirthing course with me in February. She had her little girl this week and messaged me to let me know she’d been born at the PRUH in the midwife led unit. Posted with her permission.

C and N have asked for anonimity but are happy for me to share their birth story. C‘s previous birth was traumatic due to a postpartum haemorrhage, and she was keen to try everything she could to have a natural and positive birth with her second baby. She had planned for a water birth but things progressed quite quickly and she didn’t get time to fill and get in to the pool. Despite this, she still felt she had a really positive birth using the hypnobirthing techniques I’d taught them.

We had 4 sessions with Erin. We found the course content so informative helping us to prepare for the birth of our first child in the summer. Erin is both professional and personable and really knows her stuff. 
I feel confident and excited for our journey but also prepared and informed. The course materials have been a great addition, I’m feeling calmer and more in control after listening to the MP3’s and I know it’s benefiting me the baby and my husband. 
I would highly recommend Erins services!


A big thank you to you from both of us for making this such a lovely positive experience. We’ve learnt so much and can’t wait to use all the techniques when the time arrives. We are now just so excited about labour and birth and cannot wait to meet our little one. We felt we really got to know you as a person and built a great relationship with you even over zoom and you really added the personal touch with welcome gifts, birth plan cards etc. Plus being so down to earth we felt we just clicked with you! We are now huge advocates of Hypnobirthing and like I said I feel that every woman/couple should learn this as I think it makes such a huge difference to the birth experience. Thank you so much and can’t wait to share with you how it all goes. 


Just to say how much I enjoyed the first session last night. I went to bed feeling really hopeful my birth can be a positive event now. Honestly I was a little apprehensive if my husband would be onboard but suprisingly we talked for 5 mins after and he said he is pleased we/ I am doing this. I think we both had preconceptions the content might be ‘too hippy’ for us (we have strong Christian beliefs) and Im really interested to hear it comes from a scientific and mind and body connection place. Looking forward to our next session already.


I can only begin to describe how beneficial this course has been for both myself and my birth partner.  I've gone from wanting a c-section with maximum pain relief to really understanding my options when it comes to birth and the implications that my choices can have. I previously had feelings of fear and dread when talking about a natural birth but can honestly say I'm looking forward to the birth and feel very prepared for what's in store. Now I can truly enjoy my last months of pregnancy knowing that I have a beautiful and positive birth to look forward to.   My birth partner said it was the best course he has every done and is completely engaged with hypnobirthing. He is very clear on his role and also  excited!  We cannot thank you enough for everything that you have taught us. You have completely transformed our perspectives on pregnancy and childbirth. I would love to see as many people as possible do this course, regardless of their birth choices, because the amount that you learn will fill you with so much confidence and positivity.

The virtual sessions worked very well and I don't feel that the experience suffered in anyway for not being face to face. You became a very trusted resource beyond the topics of hypnobirthing alone and we felt comfortable asking you anything.  Loved the follow up emails with bits to watch / read in between sessions. 

Overall, professional, knowledgeable and approachable.


Don't be put off by the term 'hypnobirthing'. This is a comprehensive, evidence-led antenatal program fully supported by the midwives at the hospital where we’re having our baby. It is absolutely not just about relaxation and visualisation; it's about learning what your options are. It's about knowing that you have choices, and ensuring that both mother and birth partner feel informed about the different stages of birth and the various types of pain relief/interventions on offer.

We chose to do a four-week, 8-hour online course. Erin is a great course leader, very friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging, and crucially, she is not judgemental about the choices you may make; she just wants you to have enough knowledge to make those decisions with confidence. We also had a fair few laughs during the sessions which is a good way to learn! Partners are very much a part of this – it's not just aimed at the mothers – and it made me realise what a huge role my partner has during the birth. He feels a lot happier knowing what he can do to help everything go as smoothly as possible, and really feel like a vital part of the birth. A lot is covered over the four weeks, with the odd email in between, and Erin continues to provide support right up until the birth.

We began the course thinking we could muddle through the birth whilst feeling slightly terrified at the prospect. We ended the course feeling so much more positive and informed, and excited to be only a few weeks away from meeting our baby.


 Hypnobirthing has an unhelpful name. It is not hypnosis in the comic sense of people zoning out and forgetting their own name. Rather it is a relaxation technique that helps to allow the body to function as it is designed to do.
From a partner’s perspective, it allows you to help your pregnant lady find her inner strength and perform her biological function. The main techniques are breathing, creating a positive mindset and making the environment as conducive as possible to a good birth. If you like making your house nice to help your partner have a nice life, why wouldn’t you make her birth space nice to have a nice birth?
Personally I think everyone should do hypnobirthing because it is not all or nothing. Performing bits of hypnobirthing technique (good breathing, positive mindset and making a nice environment) are essentials for all births. So even if you only take away pieces from the course and regardless of the method of birth you want, it can only help you and your partner on your way to a good birth experience. 


Having had very little experience or interest in labour and pregnancy, I highly recommend this course. For both your partner and yourself. I found it extremely helpful and prepared me for supporting my wife during labour. The course explained the best approaches, what to expect and how best to deal with any type of situation we could potentially come across. What I also really liked is that despite the name, Hypnobirthing is very logical and scientifically based which suited my learning style completely! Would highly recommend this course and Erin to any first time parents or those who have had negative experienced of labour and birth. 


To be honest, I wasn’t entirely convinced when my wife suggested the idea of hypnobirthing. My wife was definitely the driver of this idea, but I’m glad she was! Having completed the course with Erin, I would recommend her and the course whole heartily. We found Erin’s enthusiasm and knowledge Invaluable and it’s given both of us confidence of what to expect. For me, this gave me a purpose and understanding of how to advocate on my wife’s behalf without feeling like a simple passenger. The birth plan guidance and relaxation tools were also great, however I did manage to fall asleep listening for the first time! 
Thanks again Erin, we look forward to introducing baby!!


I’ve never been scared of birth so when my husband and I found out we were pregnant for the first time I just thought ‘oh I’ll be fine, my body will cope and I’ll just deal with it’. I knew Erin through a mutual friend so gave her taster session on hypnobirthing a go and honestly never looked back. I did the course, have been reading books and I never realised how much I didn’t know about birth and preparing for birth. I didn’t think I needed reassurance but after her course the prospect of birth and meeting our baby is the most exciting thing on earth. Erin is knowledgable, personable and absolutley awesome! I’ve already recommended her to a few of my pregnant friends. I can’t wait to meet our baby and share our birth story and I can’t thank her enough for the abundance of knowledge and positivity we have now about the birthing process.

Charlotte M

My husband and I recently completed a  hypnobirthing course with Erin. It was brilliant. We are expecting baby #2 in September, and I have been feeling anxious and emotional about preparing for the birth. I am now looking forward to it, and feel confident that whatever happens, we will be well prepared and know what is important to us. I was worried my husband wouldn’t get on board with the hypnobirthing, and whilst he will remain his reserved self, Erin’s explanations have convinced him, which is awesome! We had some really specific areas of concern that Erin talked through with us, and she had really given us so much to think about it a super positive way. Really worthwhile course. Thank you so much Erin!

Charlotte S

The best class you could ever ever spend your money on!! I wish I had met Erin for my first birth as a start, as it was a terrible experience and that was only a single pregnancy. Second pregnancy with twins I’m so so glad that I took my c section class with Erin. So helpful to know options that we are never told at the hospital. Ways to deal with keeping our selves calm, lots of amazing techniques. It has turned me from a nervous reck to such a calm relaxed and positive attitude towards as c section considering I’m also having twins! Honestly if I could put a video to express my feelings towards this course so people can see how really amazing I feel after taking the class and receiving my goodie bag ready for my c section of my twins. My partner has also benefited so much, as he’s not the type to ever talk about things or even discuss our first birth of our son.
Erin you are amazing!!!!!!


Erin is amazing - I can't recommend her enough. My partner and I both said that our course with Erin was hands down the best thing we did to prepare for the arrival of our little one.

We ended up having a really positive birth experience and we put so much of this down to Erin's wisdom and teaching. When faced with unexpected choices Erin's teaching meant that we understood our options and felt confident in asking questions and taking the time to make decisions. I've been recommending Erin to all of my pregnant friends since, no matter where they are in the country. Whilst it would have been lovely to work with Erin in person we didn't feel that anything was lost from working with her online. She was so personable and reassuring - our Thursday evenings with her were always a pick-me-up when we were nervous!

Personally I don't think there's a better investment that you can make for the start of your parenting journey than a course with Erin!


Our second birth was 100% better and that was due to this course. If you are on the fence at all all I would say is there is no price for the valuable knowledge we knew second time around which was life changing for my family. Thank you Erin.


Highly recommend a hypnobirthing course with Erin. Erin is knowledgeable and passionate, and doesn’t try to advocate towards a particular kind of birth, instead she presents you with evidence and research to allow you to make the best decisions for you and your baby. Erin is also very supportive and caring, and takes her time to answer your questions outside of class and went above and beyond to help me with a particular issue. Her podcast is a brilliant resource too. I am now feeling excited and empowered about the birth of my baby. Thank you so much, Erin.

Vicki - group hypnobirthing client 

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