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Induction of labour quick guide

It’s almost impossible to not be offered an induction unless you give birth before 39 weeks (and even then you might get recommended earlier!), and research shows that the vast majority of people being induced aren’t given sufficient information to make an informed decision… this book will get you up to speed! Covering induction reasons and methods, the risks and benefits of induction and what your options are, you’ll feel confident whether to accept or decline induction!

This 35 page guide is essential information for anyone who is pregnant, providing you with evidence based information that the NHS won’t provide.

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Birth position cards

Perfect for pregnant people, or for birth workers to share with their clients, these sets of 15 positions are great prompts. Each card has a birth position illustrated on one side, and a description on the other. They are business card size, perfect to carry in your hospital bag or pocket.

This listing is for a set of 15 birth position cards In a plastic card case.


Pregnancy colouring pages

Colouring is a wonderful relaxing activity. These hand drawn unique colouring pages are wonderful for mindfulness and relaxation. Sent digitally for you to print at home and colour, they make a lovely piece of artwork to frame and keep as a keepsake of your pregnancy when finished. This listing is for a set of 3 pages.

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Pregnancy & labour cue cards

Handy little cue cards for use in pregnancy and labour which can be used as little reminders for either the birthing person or their birth partner.

This set is for 3 CARDS. On each side is a different design, so 6 designs (1 on each side). These include:

  • BRAINS acronym

  • tips for birth partners to support the birthing person effectively 

  • how to set up your birth environment for facilitating oxytocin

  • reminders on how to budge labour naturally

  • UMBRELLA - birth partner tips

  • How to advocate for yourself and your baby at antenatal appointments 

The cards are pocket sized (business card size). There are three cards with 6 designs (1 ok each side). They’re perfect for pregnant people or for birth workers to give to clients.

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