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Best online class commendation!

OH MY GOODNESS! I was nominated for best online class award at the Kentish Mums Lockdown Awards, and I received a special commendation! I lost out to Little Yoga Warriors who have been offering children’s online yoga classes, so a very deserving win.

Although I didn’t win my category, I’m feeling very flattered and grateful for all the votes that got me the commendation. The awards saw over 600 mums vote for just over 100 Kent businesses, and the online category was an extremely popular one, so the commendation means so much. Lockdown has been tough for everyone, particularly small businesses. We’ve had to adapt and move online when we may not have worked that way before. The feedback I’ve had for my online hypnobirthing classes has been so positive, and two of my lockdown online couples went on to have extremely positive births!

A big big thank you to everyone who voted for me. If you’d like to take an (almost!) award winning course with me, get in touch!

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