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Birthing positions

This is a topic which we always discuss in my classes, as it’s so important to know that there are SO MANY other positions you can labour in apart from on your back!

Thanks to TV and film, we all have this image of a labouring woman on her back in a hospital bed, but is this really the easiest position to birth in? The answer is no... take a look at this video.

Birthing upright means you take advantage of gravity to help work with your surges to ease baby out. Now then your phone or tablet (or your head if you’re on a computer!) anti-clockwise 90 degrees. See how you lose gravity’s help when you’re on your back, and you’re even going against gravity as baby moves further down the birth canal?

Check out this fantastic video below from the PRUH midwives demonstrating just how many other positions you can birth in, making use of all sorts of equipment in the birthing room. I lost count!

It’s important to listen to your body and birth in the position most comfortable for you. If that’s on your back, great! But know that there’s plenty of other positions you can utilise too ❤️

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