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Chanel’s positive birth story

Chanel joined my group course in September 2022 and has kindly shared her badass birth story below!

Hiya Erin

Just finally had a minute with baby Raylee sleeping on my chest to fill you in on my birth and how much you helped me without me even knowing..

Due date 22nd November... I happily walked into my midwife appointment to be told my blood pressure is high and I need to go to the MAU and I wasn't best happy, but any how I waited until school run (silly I know) and went to MAU with my son after hours of monitoring. He went home with mum and I was there until 1am. Best to say I was not happy and wanted to go home which I continued to say until I left a hungry and grumpy pregnant lady.

I had been offered multiple sweps and inductions which I continued to kindly refuse until I saw the consultant the next day. At 1.30 I was off home to eat bathe and relax or so I thought. At 4.04 am and I was rudely awoken from my sleep with a pain like no other I definitely forgot what labour felt like so 5.20 off we went to the hospital. oh that 3rd baby he must come quick oh what a myth! By 7ish I was 2cm dilated. To control my blood pressure I was given medication and they refused to let me go on the birth suite. I was sure to put my foot down during contractions that I wanted and needed to be in the home from home unit and I wasn't in the mood to compromise! A few hours later I got what I wanted and I was happily off to home from home unit.

When I arrived I had the wonderful midwife who read my birth plan and supported me through it step by step. Firstly she said I wasn't tested for Group B Strep so she took the drip out of my hand as it wasn't necessary and I need the space to relax. I put my posters on the window and kept it for the next birthing mother. The oils came out. I was labouring back to back and this took me by surprise. The pain in my back was shocking which made me tense my whole body and at times loose control of my though pattern. I had music and hypnobirthing in my air pods. I remember one point vomiting and my waters going everywhere. The student midwife was amazing and so supportive. It was annoying I was constantly monitored the whole time my blood pressure and the baby heart beat which at times was so hard when you contracting, so many times I was shouting don't touch me leave me alone. At one stage they tried to get me to go onto the labour ward. They even brought the doctor in to talk to me. I straight up refused and told him to leave me alone I'm NOT going any where I'm fine the baby is fine and my body is doing what it needs to do leave me!!!

The hours passed and it started to feel like forever. The water from the shower was giving some relief. There was a wooden stool in a shape of a C. It was good but the leg cramps was ridiculous and it seamed like anywhere I went I was unable to catch a break from these dam contractions!

I didn't want anyone telling me what to do I was the one giving orders "rub my back!!!". No place was bringing relief to the pain so off I went to the shower... the next thing I was on the toilet. 2.40 pm saying I wanted a epidural and that I'm fed up and tired it's been all dam day I need a break.

10 minutes later a chair was in the corner. I was not in the mood to move nor go anywhere, I can feel I wanted to push. I said get the chair out of there if the doctor is not waiting in the room for me to give me an epidural I'm not going. I started to push. I was on the floor one leg kneeled on the floor the other bent. I could her people telling me to get on the bed "I'm not moving I'm staying here" no matter what, my body was in charge and that's what is going to happen and everyone better get on board me included!

At 3.28 he was born, cord attached, passed through my legs into my arms. My birth plan came back out... I was getting my golden hour! Baby was happily connecting with my skin to skin, cord still attached. He latched on happily and was having his first feed, however after 1 hour 20 minutes I was still not delivering my placenta so we cut the cord and shortly after I had a catheter put in and within 5 minutes I delivered my placenta healthy. I don't think I have ever been so interested before but I was happy that I saw took pictures.

looking back and thinking, I've had a controlled labour, happy delivery, natural gas and air hypnobirthing delivery of my baby boy born on 23rd November 2022 at 3.28pm weighing 8lbs 💙

Truly thank you for filling me with confidence and knowledge you played a huge part more than you know 💙

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