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Louise’s positive birth story

We’d like to introduce you to little Sebastian! I didn’t quite get my full home birth, although it was a really really positive experience overall and I wouldn’t have changed anything.

I went into spontaneous labour at 40+6 (fed up and feeling huge at this point but determined to decline any suggestions of a sweep/induction). I laboured really well at home, using up breathing, TENS machine (worth its weight in gold!!) and pool and got to fully dilated. Baby’s heart rate was increasing and decreasing for about 45-1hr, midwife was amazing and was calm but had called her senior a couple of times and then suggested transferring in to which I agreed. She asked if she could VE me and I was 9cm at this point, my waters broke shortly after and his heart rate normalised. The ambulance cat3 had already been called but was taking a while, then a paramedic came in a car to support as there were no ambulances available!! Midwife asked if I wanted to carry on at home or still transfer in, I said I wanted to go in (mainly because if there was an emergency later on and there were no ambulances it may have had a different outcome)- midwife had already rang ahead and secured a pool for me on MLU so I was happy with this. During this time I was totally calm (midwife was well calm and never made us feel panicky).

Ambulance eventually arrived after about an hour or so, and although everything was fine, I was blue lighted in to St Thomas’. Arrived and had mobile ctg monitoring then went into pool. My midwives were amazing. Pool slowed down my contractions so I was asked to get out, then started pushing outside pool. I was pushing as much as I could- Taylan said he was worried because I was going almost purple! He could see baby’s head but my contractions were getting weaker and I had no energy (earlier in the night I was sick 3x and could only stomach energy gels and water so energy levels weren’t great).

In the end (2hrs pushing)I did ask for an epidural and Seb was finally delivered with forceps and unfortunately an episiotomy (healing well). I just needed help with the last bit, his head getting past the difficult bit of the pelvis. My body did take over with the pushing to a point but the weak contractions didn’t assist with it further. We waited until cord was white and stopped pulsating, had lovely skin to skin etc all our wishes.

Everyone- paramedics, midwives etc all commented how well I coped with the contractions 😄 the affirmation I kept chanting in my head was ‘this too shall pass’ no idea where it came from but it did the trick! Apart from the hour of baby’s unstable heart rate, the rest of the labour he was calm and content. 

This was not the birth I envisioned but it was sooo positive and I’m happy with the decisions Taylan and I made. All the midwives and drs listened to us, empowered me, encouraged me, always gave options etc, we could not fault their work. Everyone was so friendly and lovely. The paramedics were sooo lovely and respectful. I’m proud of myself (and Taylan- he was really an amazing birth partner) for getting to fully at home- totally manageable with the power of breathing and being in the zone. We had to stay in hospital for 4 days because Seb had slight jaundice but it was fine. I’m exclusively breastfeeding and it’s going so well, I’m so thankful.If we’re lucky enough to get pregnant again, I’ll be trying for a home birth again for sure. But I can at least say I have no birth trauma and it was an amazing experience for both of us and credit to St Thomas staff.

Thank you Erin, your course massively prepared us for the unknown! You gave us the tools to navigate this surreal experience, we felt so empowered and confident in the questions we needed to ask. We’re so happy we came across your work, you really make a difference to the birthing process and experience. It also helped us that the staff were respectful and informed us about everything as that is half the battle. I still need to do a review for you (sorry!) please remind me how I do this. We have been in a love bubble since then, exhausted but getting there! So in love with Seb and can’t believe he’s actually here!! ❤️❤️❤️

there’s no way this would have gone so well or positively if we hadn’t done your course, honestly best purchase ever in pregnancy/birth prep! And for Taylan it really supported his understanding and how he was able to prepare to support me which he did beautifully. So thank you!!! You’re so valued! ❤️ 

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