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Maternity Decisions Induction Survey

Induction of labour is the most commonly experienced medical intervention, and is offered for a multitude of both medical and non-medical reasons. But what are birthing people’s experiences of induction? Are people getting the information they need to make informed decisions on the risks and benefits and reasons for induction?

The maternity decisions induction survey was led by PIF and developed by a collaborative group which included women who had recently given birth or were pregnant. The results are damning. 65% of respondants said they did not have enough information on the risks and benefits of induction in order to make informed decisions, and 82% were not provided with statistics to help them decide.

As a birth worker these statistics are not surprising, and just reinforce the importance of taking a good antenatal and hypnobirthing class to ensure you are armed with the information and support you need to make informed decisions. Induction of labour is nota process to be chosen lightly, and previous posts I have written have covered the huge studies showing the negative health impact induction may have on babies both short and long term, so its VITAL you have access to complete and recent information to decide what to do. It’s why I’ve added a whole hour in to my course focussing purely on induction of labour. Doing a good antenatal course is essential birth prep.

You can read the report here. If you’d like to book a course to ensure you’re as prepared as possible, get in touch!

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