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New podcast episode: Birth, Obstetrics and intuition with Dr Nathan Riley OBGYN

What role does intuition have to play in the practice of obstetrics and midwifery? I chat to holistic OBGYN Nathan Riley about why he changed his approach to obstetrics, and why we have lost our way in maternity care. We discuss the intuition needed by any birth worker, whether that's a midwife, a doula, an obstetrician or the birthing person, and why our obstetric led approach is resulting in a climb in the numbers of women and birthing people feeling dissatisfied at best, traumatised at worst, by their experiences giving birth.

You can find Nathan on Instagram @nathanrileyobgyn or go visit his website to find out more about the support he's providing both midwives and families internationally

Listen on Spotify, Apple podcasts, or below!

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