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Positive birth stories - the podcast

Season 3 of the Better Birth podcast is in full swing, and this season is a bit different! All the episodes in season 3 are positive birth stories!

We know that exposing ourselves to positive representations of birth during pregnancy is so important, as it counterbalances all the negative imagery and stories we will inevitably been exposed to throughout our lifetimes (I dare you to think of one birth on TV or film that wasn’t a woman on her back, red faced, sweaty, and breaking her birth partner‘s hand...). The podcast is a fantastic way to absorb these healthy and very real stories of birth in to your subconscious, along with watching positive birth videos and reading positive birth stories (such as the ones on this blog!).

The first episode in the series I talk to Bex about the birth of her second child, and what made it such a positive experience. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify or Apple podcasts, as well as other popular platforms. To listen to Bex’s story visit

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