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Positive birth story - Ezra

Third time mum Sarah booked a course with me after having a stressful previous birth and seeing the effects this had on her labour. Concerned about how anxiety about COVID and giving birth in hospital could have on this third labour, she wanted tools to stay calm and help the birth of her baby this time round.

Sarah messaged me after Ezra’s birth and said:

Just thought I'd let you know that our little boy arrived and he's doing really well. His name is Ezra.

It was definitely a birth of two halves as I was induced which I had been keen to avoid, and the induction midwife was pretty horrible and keen to just get things done without consulting me and keen on bright lights and strapped up monitoring etc. Having had the sessions with you really helped my confidence in pushing back and asking why things were necessary and making sure we really understood what was happening.

The induction worked really fast and they listed the total labour time as only 2 and a half hours.The breathing techniques really helped as I had strong and fast surges really soon after.

We managed to make a really calm birthing room and the delivery itself went really well and was a calm experience. I managed without any pain relief other than a bit of gas and air. My waters broke spontaneously and Ezra was born within 6 minutes, less than 5 hours after arriving at the hospital!

Thank you so much for the classes, it really helped both in the lead up to the birth and the birth itself. I really appreciate your help, and you really helped me come out of giving birth feeling empowered which didn't feel like it would be the case when I arrived at the hospital that morning! I felt you really reminded me that my body knew what it was doing and to trust my instincts. I was able to insist to the midwife that the baby was very close when she felt I hadn't been going long enough! I definitely went in to the hospital feeling more in control than I think I would have done without doing the classes.

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