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Positive birth story - Flo’s birth

Birth story time! Poppy and Rudi joined my group course in February, and welcomed their baby in an unplanned BBA freebirth! I am so thrilled to share baby Flo’s birth story 💜

Read below how Poppy absolutely BOSSED her birth unassisted. Utter 👑!!

Baby Flo

Planned home water birth

Actual home land birth- nearly in the loo!

Accidental free birth BBA


41 weeks

7lb 9

3 hour labour

Pain relief- breathing, SURRENDERING

High risk home birth due to ITP, previous pph and possible gbs

Quick bit of background.

I had my first daughter 4 years ago. Waters went 12 hours prior to onset of labour. Contractions with my first were very painful n very frequent from the start. I freaked out and wanted epidural. Labour was very long, strapped to a bed ended in episiotomy and forceps. Me and baby treated with antibiotics for gbs sepsis. Assaulted by a doctor. Fully horrendous from start to finish.

Then comes this one. I was determined not to go through that again and at 20 weeks I was seriously considering a c section.

But instead I educated myself. Hypnobirthing course, read lots of evidence based studies, podcasts, positive birth stories.

I filled my brain with a lot!

So I decided a home birth was best for me.

So we went to bed in the thursday at 22:00. Got a bit jiggy 😅 and off to sleep. Woke up coughing at 22:45 and felt a big gush and went to toilet. More liquid came out. Head back to bed to try and forget about it, 10 mins later felt a double pop and more waters came.

Woke husband to get the towels in the wash as we'd been swimming that morning. Our 4 year old climbed into bed with us as she usually does. I tried to ignore it but had to make frequent toilet trips to clear out and was having surges every 5ish mins. After laying down and visiting the toilet for an hour or so, decided to go downstairs and call the midwife having to stop regularly to breathe through surges. Spoke to her at 01.15 and told her my surges were coming every couple of mins but were very short and sharp. She said she's head over to check me.

I head back upstairs to wake my husband at 1.20 to join me in bathroom and run me a bath. I sat in the loo, sent him to set the tens machine up. At this point It really intensified and was having double surges lasting 2 mins. Came downstairs an was on all fours. Still waiting for tens but hub was on phone to his mum to come and keep an eye on our eldest. She turned up at around 1.55. This is when I knew it was really happening because I couldn't control myself. I was making animal noises! And had secretly been pushing for a while. I needed to get back to the bathroom!! Back on the loo with my husband. One surge I freaked out and asked my husband to look because I could feel something. He said no no. Then the next surge the head started to come out!! I nearly had her on the loo but jumped off and onto my knees with hands over the bath.

The midwife was on the phone now. Head halfway out, midwife telling husband to put hands under and catch baby, I said 'shut up, fuck off, I'm doing this, me and my baby are doing this it's fine, it's happening!' 😂 I felt her wriggling and turning. Such a strange feeling! Then with the next surge she was out at 02:09. Perfect and pink and she did a big poo. Couple mins to get her breathing. More if a panic than it had to be.

Midwives turned up 10 mins later and I had managed 3rd stage. No tears. Just a couple of grazes.

Ladies. This was intense and epic and amazing. There was not pain just love and surrender. I am so proud of what I achieved. Our mind gets in the way of what we can achieve!

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