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Positive birth story - Rachel

Today I received a message from one of my clients, who had her baby yesterday. She’s agreed to let me share her birth story. Rachel completed my 2 hour hypnobirthing essentials course to prepare for her first baby.

Hi Erin, our daughter Frankie Hedley made her appearance yesterday 🥰💖 Although it wasn’t the experience I wanted it was made possible with the information/mp3s/breathing exercises you provided.
At 41 weeks I consented to a sweep. The sweep was successful and I started to have mild contractions on Saturday afternoon. They stayed mild but consistent throughout the night and I managed to sleep from around 10pm until 4am Sunday morning. By Sunday morning my contractions were getting stronger but still totally manageable. I bounced on my ball, drank my raspberry tea, listened to music and the hypnobirthing mp3s you provided and took a bath. I kept the room nice and dark and repeated positive affirmations. By 2pm my contractions were coming in very strong and I began to use my tens machine. I called into MAU and they invited me in to the oasis centre.
By the time we got to the oasis centre my contractions were coming in every 2 minutes. I arrived at 3pm and the midwife on duty said she would leave me another hour before examining me. By 4pm I was having contractions every minute. The midwife examined me and I was 2cm 😭 I started to question if I could have a natural birth.
My contractions were so intense and coming in every 30 seconds or so. The midwife brought me to a room to check me in at 4.30pm, and I vomited and panic took over my body. I asked for gas and air but they said it’s was best not to as I have been vomiting and it would likely make me sick. At this point the contractions were coming in one after another and I gave in and asked for the epidural. I continued to practice my breathing and tried to keep my jaw loose and shoulders down. The midwife said that she would get a doctor in to see me about the epidural once she had taken bloods and a urine sample.
At 5pm while they were struggling to find a vein I had an overwhelming need to push! I told the midwife I need to push but she dismissed it saying that I was only 2cm an hour ago and my waters hadn’t even gone yet. With that I had a huge contraction and my waters burst! There was poo in the sack so the midwife pulled the cord and the doctors came rushing in. The doctor examined me and confirmed I was fully dilated. I had tried to fight off the urge to push thinking it was far too soon but now I gave into my body completely. The doctor explained we needed to get the baby out as quickly as possible and she would need to perform an episiotomy. This was a hard no on my birth plan but in the moment I really felt like I had no choice so I consented. I was pushing for just over 10 minutes and Frankie was born. 🥰🥰
I went from 2cm to 10 in 1 hour 😳 and delivered the baby with absolutely no pain relief only what you had taught me. I feel really proud of myself. I used all the tools I had and managed to bring her into the world safely. The pushing stage was incredible. It was such a primal feeling like nothing I have ever experienced. Thank you so much Erin. I can’t imagine how I would have coped with out the tools I had.

In my classes I teach my clients about transition. Reading Rachel’s amazing birth story, I instantly thought she was probably transitioning when she vomited, panicked and asked for an epidural. The fact that she had been 2cm at her last vaginal exam however influenced the behaviour of the midwives and her own belief in her own progression of labour. it’s so important to remember that our bodies are amazing, and that dilation of the cervix isn’t linear. Some people, particularly first time mums, are often slow to dilate and then quickly progress near the end of labour.

I’m so thrilled Rachel feels so empowered and positive about her birth, and that she had tools and knowledge to help her through the birth process. Congratulations Rachel!

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