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The importance of birth positions with Midwife Molly O'Brien

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Do you know the importance of positioning in labour? Labour can often stall for a number of reasons. Sometimes it's lack of food or drink meaning you're dehydrated or run out of energy. Sometimes it's fear. Sometimes it's medical interventions! But sometimes it's malpositioning of baby in the pelvis causing dystocia. Knowing positions and how to influence baby in to a better position can often be all that's needed to get labour going again and avoid a cascade of medical interventions causing birth trauma.

In this episode of the Better Birth podcast I talk to the hugely knowledgeable Midwife, lecturer and biomechanics expert, Molly O'Brien. Molly has dedicated decades to midwifery and the study of the importance of positioning during pregnancy and labour, and shares some of her essential and fascinating knowledge on the topic. If you're pregnant, or a birth worker, this episode is both essential and vital listening! If you're interested in taking one of Molly's courses, you can find out more at You can also follow Molly on instagram at

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