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The truth about VBACs with midwife & researcher Hazel Keedle

Have you had a previous caesarean? And do you want to have a vaginal birth this time? VBACs are often a struggle to achieve, not because of the risks involved but because of the hurdles you may come across getting your midwife or consultant to "agree" to supporting one. I chat to Hazel Keedle, who is a midwife, researcher, senior lecturer at Western Sydney university, and author of Birth After Caesarean: Your Journey to a Better Birth, and The journey of homebirth after caesarean (HBAC) - Fighting the system or birthing in peace.

We discuss why Hazel started researching VBAC experiences, why respectful and continuity of care is so important, what the actual risks of uterine scar rupture are, and the impact a successful VBAC can have on a person.

Check out the podcast episode on Spotify, Apple podcasts and all other streaming platforms.

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