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Tia’s positive birth story

Amazing, empowering and loads of new knowledge.

Erin is a fantastic and super knowledgeable teacher, as well as an amazing and genuine person. Her hypnobirthing course was the best investment to prep myself and my partner for our baby boy's birth. Both me and my partner loved her hypnobirthing classes. The classes are packed with loads info on Pros and Cons in order to be able to make an informed decision when the time comes, breath practices and literally going through every single process of birth. I'm quite a curious person by nature and I need to mention that EVERY SINGLE question was answered and explained by Erin.

By the end of the course, both me and my partner felt empowered and confident regarding the birth of our first child.

Her course taught us the pros and cons of every medical procedures, homebirth vs hospital birth, our rights as parents throughout pregnancy, breathwork and sooo much more. We even used to listen to your podcasts (still do), because they are so informative and on point. My favs are still your ranting insta lives though 😂😉.

We were well prepared for our homebirth with a lovely pool, music and soft light.

On the day of actual labour, so many things changed, and again thanks to your amazing course, I made the decision to transfer to the hospital due to overwhelming pain from my  irritable bowel as well as from the contractions. (We had a dodgy pizza a day prior and both me and my partner Leo were suffering 😅)

The irony of the situation is that now looking back I still would've ended up there as our baby's head still wasn't engaged properly.

At the maternity ward: I had soft lights, handpan music as well as my partner beside me whilst on epidural and the team was really great as well.

By the morning, we would've exhausted all alternative possibilities to turn the baby with the midwife and eventually ended up with c section. This was discussed in depth with the consultant and even she was impressed by the confidence shown during the preping talks leading to c section.

Sometimes life is about being versatile, knowing & trusting your body as well as standing up for yourself and making uncomfortable decisions with confidence and this empowerment comes through Erin's hypnobirthing course, because she is THAT GREAT.

Was it homebirth? No, but I still got my positive birth and that's all thanks to Erin's hypnobirthing course. My baby Derek was delivered by c section whilst listening to my crazy house music and the team cheering for us 😄😉.

We highly recommend Erin's hypnobirthing courses, as a very good value for money, peace of mind, excellent to build confidence and clear loads of possible questions and fears.

So THANK YOU again Erin!!! For your fantastic course course and for all your help during the pregnancy.

Big ❤️, from all of us.

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