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Useful info for Lewisham hospital

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

If you’re planning to give birth at Lewisham hospital, this is the place for you! I’ve collated as much info about the hospital and maternity unit so you have one place to go for everything you need to know!

First up, getting there! The University Lewisham hospital address is:

University Hospital Lewisham

High Street, Lewisham

London, SE13 6LH

The Albacore Crescent entrance to the hospital has more direct access to the birth centre and women's health ward on the ground floor. There are 3 car parks at the hospital with limited parking. Charges are £2 for the first hour and £1 for every 30 minutes after. You are issued a ticket on entering the car park and pay via the ticket machine when leaving. You can find alternative parking here:

Next up, where everything is!

  • The birth center is on the ground floor of the women and children’s wing in the pink zone.

  • Anderson delivery suite is on the 3rd floor, green zone.

  • Antenatal ward is on the 5th floor of the green zone.

  • The Mat 5 postnatal ward is on the 5th floor, green zone.

  • Women's Health is on the ground floor green zone - many women will go here for scans and gestational diabetes or jaundice clinics etc.

Below is a virtual tour of maternity at University Lewisham hospital

Birth center tour:

Anderson delivery suite tour:

Antenatal ward tour:

Mat 5 (postnatal ward):

Updated guidance re visitors and birth partners below as of 12th April


You can contact maternity on the following channels:

Tel: 02088364491

You can also get up to date information from the Lewisham Maternity Voices Partnership on Facebook.

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