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Useful info for maternity services at the PRUH

With no hospital tours being offered at the PRUH, I’m speaking to more and more anxious expectant parents who are worried about they don’t know where maternity is, where to go when they go in to labour, or where to park. So I’ve put a post together gathering all the info I know and can find.

If anyone has given birth recently at the PRUH and has any helpful tips to add, feel free to add them in the comments!

Firstly, parking! My top tips:

  • take a pen and paper and leave a note on the dashboard explaining your partner is in labour!

  • take a photo of the meters so you can pay for parking by phone and top up as you need to without leaving the ward/birthing suite

  • download the Pay by Phone app for easy parking top ups

  • take a photo of your number plate too if you don’t know it off by heart!

Here’s the parking details for the main car park at the PRUH:

Next, where to go! Maternity is on the 3rd floor south wing. Enter the hospital via the main entrance, go straight through the double doors opposite and take the first set of lifts to the 3rd floor. Oasis suite is on the left, maternity on the right a little ways down the corridor.

Here are some photos of maternity:

The Oasis birthing suite is made up of 2 large rooms with birthing pools and 4 smaller rooms. There is an inflatable birthing pool available for use in one of the 4 smaller rooms. Each room has a shower room. There are birthing balls, birth stools, TENS machines and gas and air available. Transfer to the labour ward if you wish to have an epidural or need interventions is quick and possible if needed, as labour ward is only down the corridor.

Current COVID restrictions (as of 11/11/2020):

Further info on maternity is available via their online welcome to Kings maternity sessions or via their website

Please ignore the times given for the maternity assessment unit MAU contact number printed in the maternity notes booklet. The number is a 24 hour helpline; and if you have concerns about movements you can call any time day and night.

Women who are 13-18 weeks pregnant are invited to join this zoom session on 23/11/2020 at 11:00. Book your place here


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