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What is physiological birth and why is it important?

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

What is physiological birth, and why does it matter so much? In this episode, I chat to independent midwife, hypnobirthing teacher, birth worker and activist Kemi Johnson, about physiological birth, what it is, and why it's becoming so rare. With ever increasing rates of medicalisation of birth, from induction to c-section birth, a physiological or natural birth is becoming rarer and rarer, and the impact this has long term physically and mentally on both parents and their babies is potentially massive. We discuss why it's so important parents are informed and empowered, and why Kemi and I are so passionate about facilitating the birth process through education. If you'd like to follow Kemi and find out about her many groups and chats she hosts, go to @kemibirthjoyjohnson and give her a follow! A huge thank you to Kemi for sharing her views and all the amazing work she does educating families and parents about birth 💜

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