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Your rights in pregnancy and birth with Emma Ashworth

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Knowing your rights is vital when it comes to birth. If you don’t know what your choices are, you have none! In this important episode of the Better Birth podcast, I speak to Doula, Author, AIMS trustee and birth rights activist Emma Ashworth about the importance of knowing your rights in pregnancy and birth. Emma is a passionate and knowledgable speaker and author on this topic, having written the AIMS UK book on your rights in pregnancy and birth, and who also runs classes for both expectant parents and birth workers alike on this topic. We discuss why knowing your rights is so important, the kind of situations you will come across during pregnancy and birth which will require you to understand your rights, what consent is, how to feel confident in advocating for yourself, and tips on how to work with your care providers. You can listen to this episode, and many many invaluable episodes, here:

If you'd like to book on to one of Emma's courses, you can find details here:

You can also buy a copy of Emma's book the AIMS guide to your rights in pregnancy and birth here:

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