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Victoria’s positive birth story

Victoria came along to one of my hypnobirthing Q&A sessions at our local village hall and decided to book a bespoke hypnobirthing refresher course. Her previous birth of her son was a tricky birth with forceps and she was keen to have a more positive and easier birth this time round. When she passed 40 weeks and there was no sign of baby she started to get a little anxious, and when she started nearing 42 weeks and an induction started looming it looked like her birth center birth may be off the cards. But with some patience, some empowerment due to being well informed and confident to decline interventions, and some hypnobirthing and positional tips, Victoria went in to labour at 41+6 and got her positive water birth she really deserved!

I am so thrilled for her and am so grateful she chose me to be part of her journey. Congratulations!

Victoria’s birth story

The hospital tried to induce on Tuesday after a CTG without actually reading the CTG which was utterly mad. I said baby was a little quiet and so they packed me down there (which I was fine with). At the end of the CTG the doctor came in and said we induce at 41+2 but we’ll take you today. Without even looking at the CTG. We were like is baby ok and the doctor was like eh, let me just check???? Surely that’s the driver on whether you induce or not? The loveliest midwife came in and said has the doctor explained your results and that was when we realised she just hadn’t at all. Baby was absolutely fine! As was I. So no reason for induction at all - or no medical reason for It. But without hypnobirthing we would have just gone with it.We felt so empowered in turning it down. We’re normally such people pleasers, it was really against our MO but we felt really justified in saying ‘no, this isn’t the birth we want’. We didn’t go back for the second CTG because we’d been checked, placenta had been checked and baby was moving normally - was so out of our comfort zone not to go for an appointment! But we knew we’d be really pressured.

Made it with just hours to spare at 41 weeks 6 days! Think baby decided it was time! Little Miss Last Minute! Did the inversions, had a sweep on the Saturday night (3rd sweep) and Tom took Theo to the park on Sunday as I was really sore and he was gone about 3/4 mins when my contractions started whilst watching coronation street! I had a month to catch up on!

I hung out the washing, made Theo’s dinner, had a few contractions which I didn’t believe were contractions and then I timed one and realised it was 40 secs and thought…..eek! Maybe!

I hid in the front room and made it dark, got my ball, put on Corrie and when Theo came home I said to Tom to let Theo do anything he wanted as him crying really sparks my adrenaline and I can hear him from anywhere!

3 hrs of brilliant breathing at home, felt great. Tom put Theo down to bed, my parents came over to babysit, dad packed the car and rubbed my back, Tom finished bedtime, finished the car and we were gone! 2hrs 15 at the birth centre and she was here!

My waters broke about 3 mins after I got into the pool. The midwife said it was probs just gas and then the head came out! She was born in two contractions, I didn’t even push!

I feel like an absolute superhero! We sat up talking until 4am. It was like we were dating again! No stitches or tearing or anything! I can’t get over how good I feel! I wish everyone could have a birth like that! It was soooooo wonderful. I think everyone deserves a birth like that! I wish more people knew the benefits of hypnobirthing. Thank you! And thank you for your help!

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