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Carmen’s positive birth story

Carmen took my complete hypnobirthing course with me as part of her doula package with Matt The Male Doula. Her pregnancy was classed as high risk due to a previous shoulder dystocia, postpartum haemorrhage and gestational diabetes but she chose to birth at home with the support of her partner Isaac and Matt her doula. Carmen’s birth story is an important one as so many women with gestational diabetes and other risk factors are told they “can’t” birth at home, but ultimately it IS your choice. Knowing how to confidently advocate for the birth you want can mean getting the birth you deserve! Congratulations Carmen and Isaac x

🔹️Homebirth 20.11.2021

🔹️Surprise baby boy (well I kept it a surprise for me and my other son, the rest of the whole family knew)


🔹️Passed his sugar levels

🔹️Diagnosed GD after the GD routine test, diet controlled

🔹️Previous shoulder dystocia with big brother

🔹️Classed as high risk for post partum hemorrhage due to refusing blood transfusions for personal reasons (finally lost only 150 ml).

🔹️Comfort: hypnobirthing and Bowen

🔹️Support from the_male_doula

I am so pleased that I could have my homebirth. I was surrounded by my friends and family, especially my little 5 year old boy who came to cheer me up. I feel lucky that no home birth service was suspended at the time. I had to explain twice my choice of a homebirth to the consultant who talked me out of homebirth several times for the above reasons.

I think the most important thing is to do your research and know your choices and surround you with people that share the same views, which I did. I believed that I could handle the birth with the right support and the right information that suited me thanks to Erin from Better birth and Matt The Male Doula. I decided as well to birth my placenta myself as my chances for PPH were quite low. Being diet controlled was tough, but it could have been worse. I actually lost weight during this pregnancy. I decided as well that I would feel more relaxed to go to hospital after the actual birth to check my son's blood sugar levels. A bit of a pain to leave home, but I felt it was the right thing to do.

It was a positive birth because this time round, I felt in control of my birth, I felt in tune with my body and all my decisions were informed.

For the actual story, have a look at the pictures. Most of the bubbles are in French, but the pictures talk by themselves.😄. Just ignore the bit where we come back from an imaginary adventure from South America. These are some of the stories I tell to my son.😅.

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